Information: about the work of Awakening Stool On December 11 to 26, 2011, our works Awakening Stool attended the International Famous Designer Invitational Exhibition Design for Sitting. This exhibition was an original design contest hosted by Central Academy of Fine Arts and planned by its Professor Jiang Li. And the exhibition was one of the earliest activities of real object contest/exhibition on original furniture design in China. After exhibited in Beijing, the real objects would be exhibited in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hongkong etc respectively. During the exhibition, the works Awakening Stool was unanimously thought highly by people within and out of this industry. Just on the opening day, the works was collected by Beijing Cheng Xindong International Center for Contemporary Art, our second works being collected. The first one was collected by Shanghai Ming Yuan Art Center. However, the works failed to win any awards in 100% Design Exhibition 2009; and it was the third prize winner among works of the sculpture class in Shanghai Youth Art Exhibition 2009. For recent years, it has been the famous crossover works that blurs the boundary between arts and design.