Hai Zhi Su/The Grain in the Ocean

Shanghai Liu Hai Su Art Museum Branch(Pu Tuo District Branch)

Location of Project: Shanghai

Type: Architectural renovation and interior design

Area of Construction: 3000 square meters

Architectural Structure: Frame structure

This is an architectural renovation project. The notion of the design comes from the verses of The First Ode on the Red Cliff, which is written by Su Shi in Song Dynasty, “Live as a dayfly, and as humble as a grain in the ocean.” Also, this ode is the origin of Master Liu Haisu’s name. The design recomposes the verses, “One ocean, some grains and one painting.”

1. One ocean: The white outer wall of the building presents the eminence of the museum. And the sculptural outline expresses the feeling of permanence.

2. Some grains: There are some round windows on the outer wall. Those shapes are like grains (or waves) floating on the ocean and shows a kind of mystery and visual pleasurable reaction to residents, so as to attract their attentions to join artistic activities.

3. One painting: On the third floor, we can see a balcony sticking out. The style of the design is quite like gesture of an artist when composing a painting, which presents the function of the museum. Because of the balcony, visitors can fully connect to the exterior and further communicate with the city.