Meditation Rooms of Beijing Puti Mountain Club

Location of Project: Minyun County, Beijing

Area of Base: 110 square meters

Area of Construction: 145 square meters

Time of Design: 2004

This project is built on a hill side of the mountain club, and it is a small area for the owner for meditation, tea drinking and Zen sharing. The first floor of the building applies spiral layout, both the length and the width are 10 meters, and you can feel Zen in this Chinese Taoist place for the notion that the sky is round while the earth is square. When visitors walk along the indoor passage like the slight upslope towards inside part, they can see near the corner, there is a small water flow slowly going down and out. Heraclitus is a philosopher in Ancient Greece and this sight proves what he said, “Human cannot step into the same river for the second time.” The strong symbolic meaning shares the same conception of world with Chinese classical philosophy. After the dark passage, visitors step onto the stairs to the round meditation room, which gives you a wild and free feeling, because you can see the whole picture of the mountain and it can open visitors’ mind via the exchange between nature and space.