Guangxi Praying Altar for Ten Countries from ASEAN

Project location: Guangxi Nanning Shanglin lotus Lake Scenic Area

The praying altar should not be a Buddhist temple or Taoist temple;

The praying altar should not be a Christ church;

The praying altar should not be a Muslim temple;

The praying altar should just be a praying altar!

The construction of the praying alter tried to create some unique architectural features that distinctive from the traditional temples based on the respects of the scenic spot’s overall plan layout so as to enrich the cultural connotation of the spot; as for the architectural style, the praying altar did not emphasis more on any specific religious sect but for the purpose to pray for blessing from the God, its centrality well reflected the integration of various culture of Southeast Asia countries, and the significant spirit inspirational force was shown up through the pithy architectural methods! It selected all the representative buildings from ten countries from the ASEAN and repeatedly added them together for the general impression of the Southeast Asian architecture.