Xinmao Chen's Atelier, Shanghai

Owner: painter Chen Xinmao

Location:Xujing County, Qingpu District, Shanghai

Building Structure:frame construction

Site Area:350 square metres

Building Area:392 square metres

Years of Design:from 2005 to 2007

Chen's atelier is located in a village in the suburban area of Shanghai. Three different functions----a small gallery, a painting workroom and a holiday resting place feature the architecture.

Square building body mass can be maximized. To echo the old local memory, but also reflect the artist works emphasize the main features of the material. Building facades painted mainly white rough-cast, partial two protruding body mass using bamboo as a decorative architectural, construction has also been adopted within the two main materials and colors.

Such a small building makes up an integration of extremely strange shapes and unduly familiar materials. a villager said frankly to the artist,' though outstanding, your house does look so ugly!'