Jue Ta/Jue Tower

Conceptual Project of 1911 Revolution Cenotaph

Location of Project: Hubei, Wuhan Province

Owner: Government of Wuhan

Time of Design: 2009

The great meaning of 1911 Revolution was to awaken China from feudal monarchy and imperialism, also it awaken the Asia. This project makes use of the word Awaken of the conclusion of 1911 Revolution and its historical appraisal.

The tower is 92 meters high, while the body is square and the top is thinner. There is a twist at the height of 15 meters, then till the height of 90 meters, the angle of the twist goes to 90 degree. The size of the top is 7 by 7 meters, after that one northern angle cuts down 45 degree towards the south and forms a lozenge bevel. All together, the shape of the tower with the shape of the museum and roof of the red building are in the axis. The significant character of this design is the feeling of power that comes from the twisting part. Also, the outer material applies local red sandstones in Hubei.