Feat Shadow

Former Residence of Hong Kong Bruce Lee Memorial Hall International Ideas Competition

Time of Design: October 2009

Location of Project:Hong Kong, China

Owners: Hong Kong Institute of Architects,Hong Kong Institute of Planners, the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors

Land area: 747 ㎡

Building area: 542 ㎡

Total floor area: 1053 ㎡

Additional area: 616 ㎡

This project will try to respect the former residence of the original Bruce Lee and the external walls of buildings internal layout design of the case of some of the new memorial.

The design is to replay his feat (kung fu)’s reflection (image and influence) on us by means of modern architectural means on the basis of the renewal of Mr. Lee’s former residence.

The memorial is divided into two parts, including the former residence (for material memory) and newly-built area (for spiritual sublimation). The main hue is rinsing concrete and rusty steel plate to express the strength, speed and eternity of Mr. Bruce Lee. In addition to meeting other than the functional architectural elements, and in some key parts, will be stainless steel, LED light wall, images reproduced by such means as the classic martial arts Bruce Lee, in memory of his immortal image.